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New Windshield Do’s And Don’ts

  • Allow proper curing time, typically 24 hours, before driving.
  • Avoid slamming car doors and using automatic car washes during the curing period.
  • Use a mild, non-ammonia-based glass cleaner for regular cleaning.
  • Replace wiper blades to prevent scratches on the glass.
  • Protect against intense sunlight with sunshades or shaded parking.
  • Handle ice and snow removal gently with soft brushes or scrapers.
  • Address chips and cracks promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Check for water leaks after heavy rain or car washes and repair if needed.
  • Maintain a dry and well-ventilated interior to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Drive cautiously to prevent road debris damage.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and follow manufacturer guidelines for care.



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