Mobile Auto Glass Services in Mesa, Arizona

Auto Glass Services Are A Must In Arizona.

We fix or replace your car’s glass when it gets damaged. This often happens to your windshield due to rocks kicked up on the roads. Cracked or chipped windshields can also be fixed. Many people tint their windows to keep out the harsh sun. We’re mobile so we’ll come to you for repairs. In a place with extreme weather and lots of driving, these services keep your car safe and comfortable.

Having your windshield replaced is one of the most common auto glass services that we handle. Windshield replacements are very common. With the majority of landscaping being the rock in Arizona, it’s no wonder why windshield replacements are the most frequent service any auto glass company handles. Also, since Phoenix, Arizona is rapidly growing (the third fastest in the nation according to,) and all the freeway (and side street) construction happening at a never-ending pace, windshield replacements become a must. Insurance companies in the state of Arizona offer auto glass coverage, or the auto glass waiver, to help motorists with this never-ending battle of fixing windshield cracks and other auto glass repairs. The next time you have a windshield crack and the damage exceeds the length of a credit card, give us a call and we can often get out to you with our same-day free mobile windshield replacement services.
Windshield repairs are the most effective way of saving money for both the consumer and the insurance companies. Windshield repairs are recommended to help retain the original OEM factory seal on a windshield. However, if the windshield chip is in the peripheral vision of the driver’s view, then the windshield is usually recommended to be replaced. If not, then depending on the size of the windshield damage will most likely determine the necessity of replacing the windshield. At 1st Shot Auto Glass, we prefer to do what is necessary, for both your driving safety and at the same time, what would be more cost-effective. Call us at (480) 233-9368 for a five to ten-minute windshield chip repair, to save everyone the hassle of losing both money and time replacing your windshield or any other laminated repairable auto glass.In the case where you do not have auto glass coverage, (or the auto glass waiver,) most insurance companies will cover the cost of a windshield chip repair as a courtesy, but not always! Speak with us or your insurance agent if you have any questions. Again, the chip repair process is typically quick, taking five to ten minutes, and can usually be repaired if the windshield crack is less than the size of a credit card. Accessing the windshield crack’s impact point, then injecting a UV resin inside the windshield chip, then adding another resin specifically for filling the pit outside, then buffing and polishing the blemish, should prevent the chip from spreading and ultimately, prevent requiring a windshield replacement. Again, if the windshield crack is smaller than a credit card, then a windshield repair would be recommended, unless the damage is anywhere in the peripheral vision of the direct line of view, depending on the size of the blemish.
Door glass for cars or trucks is usually replaced due to reasons of theft. Unlike the laminated windshield, a car’s side door windows are tempered for breaking, in case a person is trapped inside. However, the main reason these particular auto glass pieces break into tiny harmless pieces is due to theft and flying debris (such as a weed whacker kicking up a rock, etc.)

In the case of theft or vandalism, damage to the outside of the auto window often occurs, resulting in damage to the regulator that lifts the glass up and down and the operating mechanisms that are necessary for normal operation on the door such as the lock and handle. Sometimes wear and tear will also cause window switches, regulators, and regulator motors to just stop working. We handle the restoration on door glasses when necessary. Although we take whatever precautions we can when pulling the damaged door glass out, there’s still a small chance that bits of tempered auto glass will fall into the door frame, and land in the regulator or lock motor, preventing it from operating properly. That is why it’s always important to vacuum as much glass around the vehicle car window before operating any mechanisms.
We provide auto Camera Calibrations for any type of vehicle in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding Arizona areas. Camera auto-calibration is the process of determining internal camera parameters using many uncalibrated images of unstructured scenes. Auto-calibration doesn’t require any special calibration objects in the scene.

Backlite (Back Glass or Rear Windshield) Replacement

A car or truck rear or back glass is also tempered auto glass. Your broken back glass can leave a tremendous amount of glass all over the place. For your safety, this glass shatters into tiny pieces. After making sure that all tempered glass is carefully cleaned up as much as possible before attempting to operate the back door, locks, etc, we then remove and trim evenly all broken back glass from the area. allowing for a safe, and complete auto glass back glass or back lite installation.
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