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Yet Another Chevy Corvette Windshield Replacement In Mesa, AZ

Chevy Corvette Windshield Replacement
 Removing-Corvette-Targa-Top-Front-Bolts  The first thing you need to do when doing a windshield replacement on an older corvette convertible is remove the targa top. This is done with loosening the front two torque bolts, not removing them. They are behind the sun visors.
 The next step would be to locate the three bolts on each side of the rear, but only removing the center bolt entirely on each side. Push on the front of the top, then lift to release from the rear.  Corvette-Targa-Top-Bolt-Locations-Rear
 Three-Sided-Corvette-Weather-Stripping-Clip-Removal  Next you need to remove clips from the windshield inner frame molding. There is one clip on each top corner, and two clips on the bottom of each side.Once removed, pull the stripping from both the top retainer, and the side retainers.
 Now you need to remove the top molding/retainer from above the windshield to expose the glue under the top. Seven or eight phillips head screws is all it is, and it should lift up without hardly any fight.  Top-Corvette-Weather-Strip-Retainer
 Corvette-Side-Windshield-Molding-And-Weather-Strip-Retainer  Once the top is removed, a few more screws to remove the retainer strip from the side molding and frame, then a few more underneath to remove the side molding from the frame that covers the side of the windshield.
 The only thing left to do before cutting out the windshield is lifting the hood and removing the wipers.  Cutting-Out-A-1985-Chevy-Corvette-Windshield
 Corvette-Windshield-Replacement-In-Mesa-AZ  Once the new corvette windshield is replaced, we do everything in reverse order, starting with reattaching the side moldings.that lip over the sides of the windshield.
 To the right is an image of the retainer partially attached to the side molding.  Attaching-Corvette-Retainer-To-Side-Windshield-Molding
 A quick and dirty clip of the order of putting the top retainer and side molding and retainers back on can be viewed on the left.
 Starting with the top corner of the inner frame molding, position and clip in top corners and bottom sides. Putting these back in are the same as on a Ford Musting or Infiniti G37.  Inserting-Clip-Corvette-Three-Sided-Inner-Frame-Stripping
Reattaching-Corvette-Targa-Top-From-Back-To-Front  Place targa top back on top by swinging into the rear first, then lay the front down on top. Place and tighten rear bolts, then tighten front bolts.
 That’s all there is to replacing a windshield on an older Chevy Corvette.  1985-Chevy-Corvette-Windshield-Replacement-In-Mesa-AZ-Completed
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