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Can You Do A Windshield Repair When It Is Wet?

The Importance of a Dry Surface for Windshield Chip Repair

When it comes to repairing a chip on your windshield, timing is everything. However, attempting a repair while the area is wet can lead to ineffective results and potential further damage. Here’s why:

For a windshield chip repair to be successful, the area must be clean, dry, and free from any moisture. Water or moisture can interfere with the adhesion of the repair resin, compromising the effectiveness of the repair.

Whether the chip is wet due to rain or other factors, it’s crucial to wait for the area to dry completely before proceeding with any repair attempts. Attempting a repair while the chip is still wet can prevent the resin from properly adhering to the glass, resulting in a poor-quality repair or even exacerbating the damage.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your windshield chip repair, it’s best to either wait for the area to dry naturally or carefully dry it with a cloth before proceeding. By taking the time to ensure a dry surface, you can increase the likelihood of a successful repair and preserve the integrity of your windshield.

Remember, when it comes to windshield chip repair, patience and attention to detail are key. Trust a professional to handle your repair needs, and always prioritize safety on the road.

Understanding the Pricing for Windshield Repair Services

General Repair Costs

Typically, having one of our skilled rock chip repair technicians fix your windshield will cost between $50 and $75. This is a flat rate for most standard repairs that directly addresses the damaged area on your windshield.

Insurance Considerations

Dealing with insurance can directly impact your costs. Many insurance policies cooperate with repair services to waive your deductible for repairs instead of replacement. This policy feature means that you pay nothing out-of-pocket if your insurance covers the repair expenses in full.

However, it is crucial to check the specifics of your insurance policy, as not all policies are the same. Some insurances may still require a deductible, regardless of whether the windshield is repaired or replaced. Should this be the case, it’s beneficial to weigh the repair cost against your deductible:

  • If the repair cost is less than or slightly exceeds the deductible, paying directly for the repair without going through your insurance might be more economical.

This pricing guide aims to provide clarity on what you might expect to pay and how to navigate insurance scenarios for windshield repairs.


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