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Your common auto glass technician would agree that changing a windshield on a Subaru, or any of its auto glass for that matter, is very rare compared to a Chevy Silverado, or a Ford F150.



That is obviously because there are a lot more of these trucks on the road. Due to certain relationships, I’m lucky enough to frequent these vehicles on a weekly, if not daily basis.



WRX Number x


During the monsoons, special attention to cleaning the glass is especially important. Obviously, a dirty windshield reflects the quality of the installation. A dirty windshield will also compromise the integrity of the adhesive’s bond to the glass, as I’ve said in a [...]
Phoenix, AZ’s first wall of dust in the summer ocurred in the early evening of July 3rd, 2014 at 7:24pm. This was taken from the 85209 area in East Mesa.

Summer's First Dust Storm

The following was taken a couple minutes after with a panoramic shot from my Samsung Galaxy S5. No rain at 9 o’clock p.m. to follow in this part of mesa.

Panoramic View Of New Dust Storm In Mesa, AZ


Let’s just say I’ve been caught in one of these in a very bad way just once while doing a windshield replacement in the Queen Creek area, and I’m happy to say, no warranties became of it.

Jeep Wranglers are somewhat unique, in that there is no cosmetic molding around the glass. 20140619_075716This holds true with most Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge vehicles. This means that the pinch weld is exposed, not only to the elements, but to any onlooker’s sights.   20140622_192523This is why I use laminated (or coated) cold knife blades as shown  to the left with the white on the neck. This will help with accidentally scratching the pinch weld, later causing rust. You should primer bare metal from a scratch, which causes a problem with the cosmetic appeal, since primer is black, and would be visible without the molding to cover. Also a patient, and knowledgeable hand and mind are crucial [...]
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