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Replacing your auto glass in one form or another is something we all face.

Whether it's a car, truck, sport utility, RV, or coupe, we make sure that it is an affordable auto glass repair or replacement. We handle both OEM glass replacements and aftermarket. Whatever costs meet your needs, we can repair or replace it with an affordable quote. Need a shade band in your windshield? We can find it. If you require no premanufactured tint in the windshield laminate, then we can handle that. Want your windshield tinted before it's installed? Let us know a day in advance.. It's all a matter of preference. Whether if you want a shade band on the top of the windshield or a plain old windshield with no dye in the lamination, we'll meet your needs. The auto glass quotes vary, andthe shade band is usually cheaper, but not always.

Being family owned and operated, we tend to bend to your particular needs, whether it is a fog light installation or a sunroof glass install, we will do what we can to meet your specific needs. Remember, whether it is OEM or aftermarket, the difference in auto glass costs can be significant, so be specific. We are willing to answer any questions that you may have.

On a further note, just in case you are wondering, OEM auto glass is, in my opinion, is better than aftermarket. Only because, from my experience, it is far superior than anything else. It may cost more, but will last a much longer time than aftermarket windshields or any other auto glass.replacements. There are also many other accessories included with OEM auto glass as opposed to aftermarket. If you want a perfect fit, ask for OEM.

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The Importance Of Rust Removal On Any Windshield Replacement
2004 Acura TL - Full Blown Rust

We've done this blog before last year regarding rust. Some corporate conglomerates will walk away in the middle of an install if there is any sign of rust in the work area, leaving you with an undrivable vehicle. Where there is supposed to be glue. as you can see in this first image, there is rust in the full path of the windshield glue. This means that there was no bonding to the windshield. You can see how this would be a safety concern. This was just a small section of the complete bonded areas around the windshield. This is most certainly due to a previous installer not covering their scratches underneath with primer after trimming out the glue.

Sanding Down The Rust

Once you come across this, what should be done is sanding down the rust to bare metal, being careful not to create any new scratches where the windshield will NOT cover, ruining it cosmetically. Even the smallest signs of rust should be dealt with, down to the bare metal.

Finally, once all debris is brushed and blown away, the final step would be to primer the sanded, exposed areas. The purpose is so the glue will bond to the pinch weld, and it will not rust out any further. A few short minutes, and you're ready to lay your glue and set your windshield.

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2008 Ford Flex Windshield Replacement In San Tan Valley

If you are lucky enough to come across a Ford flex that either hasn't been done before, or has been done by someone who knows what they are doing, then good for you! If not, then be prepared to obtain new moldings from the local Ford dealership. The following video is basically explaining how to remove the side moldings so that when you put them back on, they will snap back into place as they should. (Basically, break the top guide peg so that you can slide the molding from the clips.)

Once the side molding is removed, you'll notice that the clips remain on the vehicle frame.

Ford Flex Side Molding Clips 1 e1632497229447 250x187 1
Ford Flex Side Molding Clips

 Twist the clip a quarter turn, then pull the clip. It should release with ease. Slide the clips ack into the sde molding, then line the holes with ht3e clips and snap back into place.

Ford Flex Side Molding Clips 2 250x187 1
Ford Flex Side Molding Clips 45 degree twist

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Auto Glass Deductibles suck. But not in Mesa Arizona and it's surrounding areas.

So far, it's still a "no fault claim." So, do you have to pay deductible for windshield replacement in Arizona? Known as Zero Deductible States, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, and some others require insurance companies to allow those with comprehensive insurance on their vehicles to pay for and add windshield replacement with no deductible to their policies. Follow here for more info:

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Infiniti G35 Sunroof Glass Replacement in Phoenix Arizona
Infiniti G35 Sedan Sunroof Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix AZ 250x141 1
Infiniti G35 Sedan Sunroof Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix AZ 250x141 1

This blog is about another sunroof installation, this time on a 2008 Infiniti G35 4 door sedan. The usual is necessary:

  • Clean as much glass up as possible before operating the sunroof in ANY direction.
  • Remove covers on each inside to expose four to six torque screws that hold the glass in place.
  • Unscrew these screws.
  • Lift on each side evenly to prevent more glass from falling into work area.
  • Vacuum some more, removing every piece of tempered glass from the work area.
  • Place new glass in. Some sunroofs will have a little play in the sunroof's bracket holes so don't tighten completely.
  • Typically, especially in aftermarket sunroof glass, you want one millimeter below flush in the front, and one millimeter above flush, then tighten and test operation.
Infiniti G35 Sedan Sunroof Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix AZ Success 250x141 1
Infiniti G35 Sedan Sunroof Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix AZ Success 250x141 1
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Changing Out A Mercedes Windshield In Scottsdale, Arizona.
Another Mercedes Windshield Replacement In Scottsdale.

When doing a Mercedes windshield replacement, or any other luxury vehicle for that matter, as an auto glass technician you want to pay extra special attention to detail. I say this in respects to the many different attachments associated with the windshield.  Below you can clearly see the lane departure warning system on the left and the rain sensor on the right. The other image shows the view from inside the Mercedes with the lane departure camera hanging well below the rain sensor. Some vehicles, after the windshield replacement, you should take the vehicle back into the dealership for re-calibration of the lane departure warning system.

Mercedes Windshield Attachments - Lane Departure Warning System Camera, Rain Sensor and other miscellaneous sensors.
Mercedes Windshield Attachments Inside1 250x141 1

When removing any attachments from the windshield, always use caution on how to remove them properly. So many times I see broken plastic pieces and things glued back together, not due strictly to lack of knowledge alone, but the willingness to take their time and self-learn how to do it properly.

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Honda Odyssey sustains damage from elk.
Honda Odyssey Windshield Damage
Honda Odyssey Windshield Damage

Honda Odyssey sustains damage from elk

It is unsure if the elk was OK or not, since the elk was hit and then hi-tailed it out. It was nowhere to be found once the Honda Odyssey immediately returned. The only noticeable damage aside from the windshield was a couple dings along the driver side A-pillar frame and a missing mirror, in its entirety.

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Auto Glass Windshield Cash Back Promotions, Specials, and Incentives!

Full Auto Glass Windshield Coverage Qualifies You!

Other Auto Glass Shops make you wait weeks... We hold up our end of the bargain. As soon as your windshield replacement is complete, (the typical install takes 25-45 minutes,) you receive your insurance approved windshield replacement cash back/promotion at the time of install! No "check is in the mail." If you are getting better cash back offers, then check the reviews for that auto glass shop. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. (Must mention at time of setting up appointment.)

CALL (480) 233-9368 to see what you qualify for your insurance approved windshield replacement.

All Insurances Accepted!

We can waive some, if not all of your deductible, depending on your year/make/model and the insurance company you use. If you are not sure whether or not you have the auto glass waiver, you can either contact us or your insurance agent. We'll be happy to assist you.

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Gluing a customer's vehicle attachments back onto this Honda Pilot.

Most vehicle attachments (ex: side moldings) detach rather easily, and snap back in just as easy. Very rarely should these things have to be cut out, although there are very few exceptions.

Honda Pilot Before
Clips destroyed, excessive glue on molding and pinch weld

After removing the windshield, any excess glue, etc. should be removed or trimmed away, scratches primed to prevent rust, and prepped for the new clips. In the case of this 2011 Honda Pilot, new moldings and clips were obtained and the clips were adhered in alignment.

Honda Pilot After
New clips and moldings

Once the new windshield was installed, the new side moldings were easily snapped back into place. Once again, this vehicle looks like a million bucks. Many "installers" don't know (or care) how to remove them properly, and figure the customer won't notice the difference anyhow. Well the customer of this vehicle did, fortunately for him.

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It’s important to know who’s replacing your windshield. Your life could depend on it. Let 1st Shot Auto Glass do your replacement!
Windshield Safety

Your windshield was designed as the number one safety restraint system in your vehicle. Auto manufacturers say your windshield provides up to 60 percent of the roof crush protection in a rollover accident. Your windshield also provides the backstop support for your passenger-side airbag in a front-end collision. If your windshield pops out in a collision or rollover, you could be ejected or crushed. It’s important to know who’s replacing your windshield. Your life could depend on it. Let 1st Shot Auto Glass do your replacement!

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