Windshield Repairs

Not every windshield repair is the same. If the windshield crack is larger than a credit card, it may constitute a replacement, which we can offer cash back through your zero deductible glass insurance claim.

Repairs are a breeze and usually takes about five minutes per chip. Repairs cure quickly with the help of the sun's UV rays.
Insurance Claims
Most insurance companies cover windshield and auto glass replacement as a courtesy if the vehicle has a basic liability coverage, even if customers don’t have a zero deductible Arizona Glass Waiver.

Cash Quote (Out Of Pocket)
Out of pocket mobile is typically $65 for the first chip and $15 for any additional.
Repair Costs – Click Here and ask us!
Any windshield repair will always have the risk of spreading, although most repairs are successful. Pressure needs to be applied to the windshield when injecting the UV resin into the windshield crack or windshield chip, and while drawing any air out from it. Most windshield repairs take no more than five minutes, depending on how many points of impact there are from either a rock or some other flying debris. Very rarely will there be no signs of any previous damage after the windshield repair is complete. The first image shows an example before the repair. Two noticeable points of impact. The second image shows after the windshield repair.

We have affordable windshield repair prices, and some insurance companies will cover the cost for you as a courtesy, even if you don’t have glass coverage on your vehicle. Just give us a call in either case and we would love to assist you with your windshield repair and other auto glass needs! We are a free mobile auto glass service, going to your work or home or wherever you need us to be.
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