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  • May 31, 2014
  • Safety
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  • Comments Off on Here is a recent example of common adhesive bonding problems that I come across WAY too frequently.
This windshield pushed out!A couple days ago I was stuck in the heat late afternoon on the other side of town to cut out a Ford F150 windshield. It practically pushed itself out except for the bit of old glue left that you see in the image. Very little cutting required. The bare part of the windshield had no bonding effect. Now THAT’S scary. If the airbags were to deploy, this windshield wouldn’t have stuck around, and neither would have the passenger(s) in a head on collision. Prevention:
  1. Clean the glass thoroughly of all contaminants, especially oils from the skin.
  2. Clean the pinch weld as well so once it’s trimmed, dirt is less likely to contaminate the freshly cut old glue (acts as a primer.)
  3. Unless you are using a [...]
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