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Setting A Large Windshield By Yourself

Are Windshields HEavy?

The average windshield is said to weigh on average, about 25 pounds.


Some can weigh less, such as your Mini Cooper, or Fiat. Some can weigh more, such as your Freightliner Truck, or Dodge Caravan windshield.



When setting a lifted Dodge Ram, you want to lay it across the hood, with an elbow support pad on the hood, to prevent damage to both the hood and your elbows.



There are typically two stops on the bottom of each side of the windshield for it to rest on. Since I set from the driver’s side, I reach across with left elbow on pad, and right arm on suction cup, aiming for the further windshield stop. Gently laying it down and aiming for the closer stop, I then lay the entire top of the windshield down. Some techs do a “dry set” with no glue first, then mark the stops and windshield with blue tape, to ensure a perfect alignment.



Since we’re on the subject of a Dodge Ram, making sure that the space between the pinchweld and the glass is even on both sides, and there is enough room for a cold knife blade to run through when the time comes for the next windshield replacement. (See previous post.)
One last thing, the right amount of glue for the height of the windshield is also important. Too high and it looks funny, and is prone to water leaks, as there is no cosmetic molding. Too low, and the air flow pushing over the top of the pinchweld will create air noise.
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