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Phoenix, AZ’s first wall of dust in the summer ocurred in the early evening of July 3rd, 2014 at 7:24pm. This was taken from the 85209 area in East Mesa.

Summer's First Dust Storm

The following was taken a couple minutes after with a panoramic shot from my Samsung Galaxy S5. No rain at 9 o’clock p.m. to follow in this part of mesa.

Panoramic View Of New Dust Storm In Mesa, AZ


Let’s just say I’ve been caught in [...]

Honda Odyssey sustains damage from elk. Elk Damage On Honda OdysseyIt is unsure if the elk was OK or not, since the elk was hit and ran(?) It was nowhere to be found once the Honda Odyssey immediately returned. the only noticeable damage aside from the windshield was a couple dings along the side and a missing mirror in its entirety.
Bus Destination Window FabricationAlthough this bus is just your standard Chevy Express windshield, the window above for the buses destination sign, is a thick Plexiglass fabricated just for this vehicle.
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