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Another Subaru “In The WRX”

Your common auto glass technician would agree that changing a windshield on a Subaru, or any of its auto glass for that matter, is very rare compared to a Chevy Silverado, or a Ford F150.



That is obviously because there are a lot more of these trucks on the road. Due to certain relationships, I’m lucky enough to frequent these vehicles on a weekly, if not daily basis.



WRX Number x


During the monsoons, special attention to cleaning the glass is especially important. Obviously, a dirty windshield reflects the quality of the installation. A dirty windshield will also compromise the integrity of the adhesive’s bond to the glass, as I’ve said in a previous post.



Clean Windshield Attempt #1
This is pass number one after a dust storm with mild rains from the night before.





Clean Windshield Attempt #2
This is pass number two. A third was needed to guarantee no contaminants.


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