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2003 BMW Z4 Restored!

Auto Glass Replacement Done Right

Giving The Bottom Of The Z4’s Windshield Area A Brand New Look

2003-BMW-Z4-Dry-rot-CowlIt is very common for Arizona’s brutal summers to take a heavy toll on your vehicle’s exposed parts. I notice this to be especially true on the top of BMW cowls. The cost of these windshield type accessories can be a pretty penny.


2003-BMW-Z4-Dry-Rot-ResolutionWhen I come across this type of extreme damage, I’ll throw a top molding on the bottom of the windshield. A little bit unorthodox, but appropriate.



2003-BMW-Z4-Needs-Primer-On-The-SidesOnce the windshield is removed for the first time, you may also notice the reddish stripe along the pinch weld has no glue from the previous windshield removal. This will need to be primed.




O2003-BMW-Z4-Dry-Rot-Resolvednce the adhesive is applied, the new windshield is ready to be set. Notice how clean it now looks with the top molding on the bottom.




A2003-BMW-Z4-Finished-1024x576 little extra effort can go a long way!

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