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2008 Ford Flex Windshield Replacement In San Tan Valley

Broken Windshield Accessories Are No Fun
2008 Ford Flex Windshield Replacement In San Tan Valley  If you are lucky enough to come across a Ford flex that either hasn’t been done before, or has been done by someone who knows what they are doing, then good for you! If not, then be prepared to obtain new moldings from the local Ford dealership. The following video is basically explaining how to remove the side moldings so that when you put them back on, they will snap back into place as they should. (Basically, break the top guide peg so that you can slide the molding from the clips.) Ford-Flex-Side-Molding-Clips-1 Once the side molding is removed, you’ll notice that the clips remain on the vehicle frame.  Twist the clip a quarter turn, then pull the clip. It should release with ease.  
Most vehicles attachments (ex: side moldings) detach rather easily, and snap back in even easier. Very rarely should these things have to be cut out, although there are very few exceptions. 2011 Honda Pilot Side Moldings and Clips Destroyed! (Driver Side) After removing the windshield, any excess glue, etc should be removed or trimmed away, scratches primed to prevent rust, and prepped for the new clips. In the case of this 2011 Honda Pilot, new moldings and clips were obtained and the clips were adhered in alignment. 2011 Honda Pilot Side Molding Clips Restored (Driver Side) Once the new windshield was installed, the new side moldings were easily snapped back into place. Once again, this vehicle looks like a [...]
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