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2008 Ford Flex Windshield Replacement In San Tan Valley

Broken Windshield Accessories Are No Fun
2008 Ford Flex Windshield Replacement In San Tan Valley  If you are lucky enough to come across a Ford flex that either hasn’t been done before, or has been done by someone who knows what they are doing, then good for you! If not, then be prepared to obtain new moldings from the local Ford dealership. The following video is basically explaining how to remove the side moldings so that when you put them back on, they will snap back into place as they should. (Basically, break the top guide peg so that you can slide the molding from the clips.) Ford-Flex-Side-Molding-Clips-1 Once the side molding is removed, you’ll notice that the clips remain on the vehicle frame.  Twist the clip a quarter turn, then pull the clip. It should release with ease.  

Changing Out A Mercedes Windshield In Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Proper Care Of A Mercedes Windshield Replacement

Another Mercedes Windshield Replacement In Scottsdale.When doing a Mercedes windshield replacement, or any other luxury vehicle for that matter, as an auto glass technician you want to pay extra special attention to detail. I say this in respects to the many different attachments associated with the windshield.  Below you can clearly see the lane departure warning system on the left and the rain sensor on the right. The other image shows the view from inside the Mercedes with the lane departure camera hanging well below the rain sensor. Some vehicles, after the windshield replacement, you should take the vehicle back into the dealership for re-calibration of the lane departure warning system.

Mercedes Windshield Attachments - Lane Departure Warning System Camera, Rain Sensor and other [...]</p>
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Changing Out A Chevy Corvette Windshield Out In Mesa, AZ

Mesa Corvette Windshield Replacement
Chevy Corvette and Silverado windshields changed in about an hour and a half. Chevy Corvette Windshield Replacement In Mesa AZ By 1st Shot Auto Glass Corvette Cowl Prepping the Corvette Broken Corvette Windshield Ready To Fix Corvette-Windshield-Fixed Not too bad considering what we were dealing with. [...]
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